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Bruce Bane:2

“A brilliant hour of comedy theatre… could just be the best crime movie never made” – The Guardian

Date: 8th November

Time: 8.30pm


8th November, 8.30pm Buy Tickets Here


Joe Bone returns to Fireside with Part Two of the Bruce Bane, one-man, crime thriller.  But don’t worry if you missed out on Part 1 last year, Joe starts the show with a fast paced recap of previous events.

Bane is a one-man one-musician series of plays, that follows gunslinger Bruce Bane as he goes about his shadowy business in the city. Bone plays all the characters, Roe plays all the music. The shows have won the pair multiple awards and critical success, with development of a graphic novel, DVD and cross media platforms all in the works.

It began in 2009 when Joe Bone started performing five-minute comedy stories following his fictional creation Bruce Bane, and his exploits. It was well received, and within a few months Joe had gotten music man Ben Roe on board, to offer his unique sound and dramaturgy to the stories, which developed into their debut hour – Bane.


“Epic… this is a fast-talking, quick-moving, smart-thinking little gem of a show… entertaining, fun and very skillful” – The Scotsman

“Rollicking… a remarkable achievement” – The Evening Standard

“Great comic invention, sometimes with deliciously bleak undertones, sometimes just unashamedly silly. It’s a fun ride.” – Chortle